The Baby Food Dude

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“A Grown Man eating Baby Food, whoever heard of such crap?”
A Documentary?... A  Fiction Comedy? ...YES....  BOTH!


On a planet named Texas... a visionary named Bubba embarked on a 40 day diet of baby food in order to lose weight.

Bubba decided to go to California and bring his older brother Buddy back to Texas to visit their 87 year old mother and their new baby sister.

Buddy convinced Bubba that they needed to meet with the “Alpha Male” Governor of California, to let him try some baby food, and then have him endorse it as “The Ultimate Food Source For The Adult Male”...

This is their story....


The Baby Food Dude is not only a comedy, but it is also documentary of one man’s diet, eating nothing but baby food, for 40 days.  Yes, that’s right.  All 6 foot 5 of him.

Bubba (Brice Tea) was under the watchful eye of a pediatrician for the entire 40 days.  Blood test were taken just days before the diet began, and then again on day 40.  

Bubba lost nearly 30 pounds and cholesterol dropped by  almost 30 points.

Brice Tea:  main actor (dieter) director, editor, music composer, and cinematographer.

Herb Tea:  Brice Tea’s real brother

Rose Tea:  The brother’s real Grandmother who plays their Mother in the film.